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How to keep your phone protected

How to keep your phone protected

Posted on 28/01/2021

Forces Mutual

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Mobile phones and smartphones are an essential part of our lives. They provide precious contact with family when away from home, keep you up-to-date on all the latest news (and gossip) and allow you to keep on top of your finances without having to go to a bank branch. But, as a consequence of our phone’s being with us at all times, it means there’s more chance it can get damaged. Having to repair or replace a phone can be expensive, so we’ve put together some handy tips for keeping your phone and personal information stored on your phone safe:

Protect your phone

  1. Invest in a screen protector and case
    The more technology they put on our phones the bigger they seem to get. Which means there’s also a bigger chance of scratching your screen or damaging the phone. An affordable way to help prevent this is to invest in a screen protector and case.
    A sturdy phone case will not only improve your grip on the phone (making it more difficult to slip through your hands), it will help protect your phone from damage and scratches if you do end up dropping it.
    Screen protectors are also a good purchase as they help preserve your phone’s touchscreen sensitivity.
  2. Keep your phone dry
    Whilst phones are more resilient to a little water than ever before it doesn’t mean you should be taking it for a dip anytime soon. You should still take precautions to protect your phone from water damage. If it’s raining or snowing heavily make sure you keep your phone securely in a bag or inside pocket of your coat. Better yet – a waterproof or water resistant case is another way to keep the water away.
  3. Protect your phone from extreme temperatures
    Your mobile can be a sensitive creature and can have trouble if it becomes too hot or too cold. Exposing your phone to the extremes in temperatures can harm internal workings like the battery and can lead to data loss or needing a new phone altogether.
    The best way to avoid temperature damage is to treat your phone like you would yourself. You wouldn’t go outside on a cold, winter day without your coat, hat and gloves on – so make sure you keep your mobile wrapped up and warm in a bag or your inside pocket. Similarly you wouldn’t stay in the baking sun without sun cream – so keep your phone in the shade and out of the heat.
    If your mobile does overheat or freeze it’s important you allow it to get back to a normal temperature gradually. Don’t blast a hair dryer on your cold phone for example, as this can cause condensation to build up inside your device which can then cause water damage. The best thing to do is to allow your phone time to adjust gradually back to room temperature.

Protect your personal information stored on your phone

  1. Downloading apps safely
    Dangerous malware often get its way onto your phone via illegitimate apps downloaded from third-party app stores. So it is always best to use the official app stores when getting a new app – that’s the App Store for iOS users, Google Play for Android phones or any other official app store you clearly recognise.
    It might also be worthwhile investing in a mobile security app. They are designed to keep your phone clear of malware and to stop you becoming victim to phishing scams. There are even apps designed to help you identify your phone’s location and to block unauthorised access to your personal data if it gets stolen.
  2. Be cautious when using public Wi-Fi
    It might seem like a no-brainer to use available Wi-Fi when you’re out and about to save on wasting your data. Unfortunately these free networks can be open invites for hackers to steal your personal information including your logins, passwords and financial information. So it’s always best to stay off your online bank account or from using your debit or credit card if you do use public Wi-Fi. If you’ve got no choice but to, it’s best to just use your data instead – it’s the safe option!
  3. Keep things private
    We’ve already talked about the importance of getting a screen protector to ensure your screen is scratch free, but they can also be perfect to keep your details private too. Privacy screen protectors are designed to keep your screen black to prying eyes trying to look over your shoulder. They have side-view filters so only you can see your screen, perfect if you have to access your online banking out in public (using a secure Wi-Fi connection of course!).

Kit & Personal Possessions Insurance

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