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How to make a claim

What to do in the event of a claim

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Car & Motorbike Insurance

  • Call us on 0800 781 8498 or +44 161 488 3848

We have a quick and simple claims service

  • Round the clock dedicated claims hotline
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What to do in the event of an accident

If you are involved in an accident then you must:

  • Stop at the scene for a reasonable period
  • Give the following details to anyone who has reasonable grounds to ask:
    - Vehicle's registration number
    - Your name & address
    - If different to you, the name & address of the registered owner
  • If injury is caused to another person you must produce your certificate of insurance either to any other person or to the police

The accident should be reported to the police within 24 hours.

You should also comply with the above even if you were not directly involved in the accident but the presence of your vehicle on the road may have been a factor in the accident. If you are driving overseas please ensure you follow the rules for the country you are driving in. In some European countries i.e. Germany it can be an offence to leave the scene of the accident before the police have arrived.

Kit Insurance

If you have a Forces Financial or Forces Mutual policy:

  • Call us on 00 800 00 01 02 03
    or 0044 (0)345 658 1140

If you have an Abacus policy:

  • Call us on 0344 8931049

When an accident occurs you will need to provide:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Home and mobile telephone numbers
  • Personal details necessary to confirm your identity
  • Policy number
  • The date of the incident
  • The cause of the loss or damage
  • Details of the loss or damage together with claim value if known
  • Police details where applicable
  • Names and addresses of any other parties involved or responsible for the incident (including details of injuries) and addresses of any witnesses

This information will enable us to make an initial evaluation on policy liability and claim value. We may, however, request additional information depending upon circumstances and value.

Please check the Policy Wording for specific claim details.

Home Insurance

  • Call us on 01256 748046
  • Give immediate notification to the police if the claim involves property that is lost, stolen, damaged maliciously or damaged by rioters
  • Report the claim to us as soon as practicable and in any event within 31 days of the occurrence
  • Provide all information and assistance that we may reasonably require without delay, including access to the site of the incident to enable us to deal with your claim
  • Take all reasonable steps to recover any lost or stolen property and advise us as soon as practicable of any such property that is returned to you
  • At your expense provide us with estimates, proof of ownership and/or of value to support your claim
  • Not abandon any property to us
  • Allow us to take over and conduct in your name the defence or settlement of any claim or prosecute in your name for our benefit any claim against another party for indemnity or damages or otherwise

You must:

  • Notify us immediately if someone is making a claim against you
  • Not make any promise to pay or any admission of liability
  • Send any letter or document to us unanswered

Personal Accident Insurance

  • Call us on 00 800 00 01 02 03
    or 0044 (0)345 658 1140
  • Write to us at:
    Customer Response Team
    Forces Mutual
    100 Cedarwood
    Chineham Park
    RG24 8WD
  • You will need to include your Policy Reference Number in all correspondence, this is shown in your Insurance Schedule
  • You should notify the claim within 30 days of the incident or as soon after the incident as is reasonably practicable
  • We will give the insured person all the advice they need to help the claim run smoothly and will send out any claim form they need to be completed

Travel Insurance

If you have a Forces Financial or Forces Mutual policy:

  • Call us on 00 800 00 01 02 03
    or 0044 (0)345 658 1140
  • Or write to us at:
    Forces Mutual Travel Insurance
    100 Cedarwood
    Chineham Park
    RG24 8WD

If you have an Abacus policy:

  • Call us on 0344 4124189

If You Need to Make a Claim:

  • Check your policy schedule and policy wording to see whether the loss or damage is covered and if any specific evidence is required
  • Read the Conditions and follow any instructions given
  • The claims team will take as many details as possible on the phone
  • A claim form will be sent to you, which should be completed and returned with all the required supporting evidence to the claims administrator

Reserve Forces Insurance

  • Call us on 00 800 00 01 02 03
    or 0044 (0)345 658 1140
  • Write to us at:
    Forces Mutual
    100 Cedarwood
    Chineham Park
    RG24 8WD

Please quote the policy reference number shown in your policy schedule.

Please read this policy first to make sure you are covered for the incident and please check the exclusions that apply and make sure you understand them.

Forces Mutual will tell you what documents and proof of your entitlement to benefit they need. If you have any disability that makes communication difficult, please tell them and they will be pleased to help.

Claims Conditions

  • The cost of providing proof of claim
    All information and evidence to support a claim shall be provided at your own expense and shall be in a format as required by Forces Mutual.
  • Fraud and misleading information
    We take a robust approach to fraud prevention in order to keep premium rates down so that their customers do not have to pay for other people’s dishonesty.
    If any claim under this insurance is fraudulent or is intended to mislead, or if any misleading or fraudulent means are used by you or anyone acting on your behalf to obtain benefit under this insurance, your right to any benefit under this insurance will end, your cover will be cancelled and we will be entitled to recover any claim paid and costs incurred as a result of any such fraudulent or misleading claim. We may also inform the Police.
  • Acceptance of benefit
    If we have paid a claim under this policy and you have accepted full and final payment then we will not have to make any further payments for the same claim.
  • Interest
    We will not pay interest on any benefit payable under this policy.
  • Medical examinations
    In respect of any claim under Cover Section 2 – Personal Accident you will as often as required submit to medical examinations at the expense of the insurer’s expense.

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