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If you have an accident, we've got you covered

You could pay as little as £4.50 + IPT*
per month!


5 levels of benefits

Cash benefits should you suffer serious injury or permanent total disability


No admin fees

We've sourced extensive cover at a very competitive price


Fracture and Hospitalisation

Cover should you need to stay in hospital or break a bone

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Enhanced Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Policy features

You can buy up to five units of cover. Update the figures below by changing the drop down.

Show the maximum amount payable for

  • Permanent total disablement up to £30,000£60,000£90,000£120,000£150,000
  • Complete loss of sight up to £30,000£60,000£90,000£120,000£150,000
  • Loss of speech up to £30,000£60,000£90,000£120,000£150,000
  • Loss of hearing up to £30,000£60,000£90,000£120,000£150,000
  • Full thickness burns up to £4,800£9,600£14,400£19,200£24,000
  • Facial scarring up to £2,000£4,000£6,000£8,000£10,000
  • Fractures up to £1,250£2,500£3,750£5,000£6,250
  • Hospitalisation – from 5th consecutive night up to 365 nights
  • Funeral expenses up to £4,000

Optional covers

  • Death by Natural Causes
  • Include your family for an extra £1 + IPT* - New lower price for 2017

We also offer...

  • Life & Serious Illness Cover
    Have you thought about full Life Insurance or Serious Illness cover?
  • Serious Illness
    Military tailored Serious Illness cover

Terms & Conditions apply, please check your policy documents for details.
*Insurance Premium Tax is a tax on general insurance premiums.

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BananaBizarre Accidents from way back when...

We've taken a trip down memory lane to look at some historical personal accident claims dating back to Victorian times and they are very bizarre to say the least...

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