Kit & Personal Possessions Insurance

Our Kit & Personal Possessions Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing if anything happens to your service kit, it'll be taken care of. We cover more than just the kit - from breaking your phone to accidental damage in your accommodation. Take a look at what's available.


Protect your Possessions

Protect your laptop and mobile with up to £1,500 per item covered as standard, if valued over £1,500 must be specified on your policy

Pound sign

Up to £40,000 worth of cover

for your military issued kit, temporary kit and personal possessions


Licence to Occupy cover as standard


Worldwide cover

Option to include Home Contents cover

Three levels of cover available £10,000, £30,000 or £100,000.

A monthly administration charge of £1 is payable to Forces Mutual. This charge is collected with your premium.

Kit & Personal Possessions insurance is arranged by Motorplus Limited t/a Coplus and underwritten by Collinson Insurance Limited (a trading name of Astrenska Insurance Limited).

Kit & Personal Possessions Legal Expenses Cover is provided by ARAG plc who is authorised to administer this insurance on behalf of the insurer HDI Global Specialty SE.

What's covered

  • Service Equipment: accidental loss of or damage to your issued Kit and/or temporary issued Kit (up to £40,000 cover)
  • Personal Possessions: accidental loss of or damage to your personal possessions
  • Pedal Cycles: accidental loss of or damage to your pedal cycle (pedal cycles exceeding £3,000 must be specified on your policy schedule)
  • Mobile Phones: accidental loss or damage to your mobile phone (phones exceeding £1,500 must be specified on your policy schedule)
  • Personal Money: £500 cover for loss or theft of personal money
  • Personal Liability Cover: costs you become liable to pay as compensation to the public to the cost of £500,000
  • Valuables: your valuable items, such as jewellery and watches (valuables exceeding £3,000 must be specified on your policy schedule)

What's not covered

  • Service Equipment: theft from a road vehicle unless the vehicle was locked and items were hidden from view (maximum payable £1,000)
  • Personal Possessions: mobile telephones, laptops, iPods, MP3 players, and GPS’s exceeding £1,500 in value unless specified on the schedule.
  • Pedal Cycles: theft unless in a locked building or securely locked to an immovable object
  • Mobile Phones: loss or damage caused by electrical or mechanical failure, atmospheric conditions, general wear and tear or any gradual operating cause
  • Personal Money: losses not reported to the police. Theft from an unattended road vehicle other than a locked boot or luggage/glove compartment following a forcible and violent entry to a securely locked vehicle
  • Personal Liability Cover: Costs you become liable to pay as a result of your ownership of motorised vehicles or crafts

Kit & Personal Possessions - for policies taken out (including anniversary policies) on or after 1st September 2023.

Kit & Personal Possessions IPID

Existing customer?

To make a claim on your Kit & Personal Possession insurance policy:

Claims under sections 1-4 of your Kit and Personal possessions policy (service equipment & personal possessions, contents in the home, personal money & credit cards and tenants liability) are handled by Davies Group.

Davies Group are the trusted specialist claims partner on behalf of Coplus.
You can log your claim by calling 0344 8562151 alternatively you can submit a claim via the following claims link

For any claims under section 5 of this policy (personal liability), please call Collinson Insurance Services Limited on 0333 333 1472.

If you make a claim you will need to provide:

• Your policy number
• The date of the incident
• The cause of the loss or damage
• Details of the loss or damage with item value if known