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Military Car Insurance

Special prices and unique cover designed around the needs of HM Armed Forces


Designed for the Armed Forces

To meet the unique requirements of the Armed forces on and off base


Competitive Prices

Unlike price comparison websites we don't just focus on the first year price


High Service standards

Combined with a fast effective customer service

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-What's covered

  • Full cover on and off base
  • Laid up cover
  • Business use addition so expenses can be recovered from JPA
  • Young Drivers catered for
  • Highest levels of customer service
  • Continuous BFG/UK cover
  • Compatible with BFG VLO/DVLA requirements
  • 24/7 claims assistance


  • Legal Expenses Cover

  • Breakdown Cover

    Choose to have peace of mind with our 24/7 pan-European rescue service
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+What's not covered

  • We are not on comparison websites


Forces Insurance Comparison Site Important Notes
Low Premiums Tick Tick Check the level of cover you are getting. Is this value for money?
High Excess Tick Question Mark Often different when the quote is offered compared to what you asked for
Legal Expenses Cover Tick Question Mark Should be optional and cost no more than £25 per year
Windscreen Cover Tick Question Mark Should be provided. One in 11 claims are for damaged/replaced windscreens
Courtesy Car following an accident Tick Question Mark Check that is doesn't just get offered if the Third Party is to blame.
Military Base Exclusion waived Tick Question Mark Are you also entitled to a discount if parked 'behind the wire'?
Airside Exclusions waived Tick Question Mark Are you covered for normal road traffic accidents if you use your car Airside
Quayside Exclusions waived Tick Question Mark Are you covered for normal road traffic accidents if you use your car Quayside
Laid Up Rebate Tick Question Mark Can you get a discount if you take your car off the road due to Deployment?
BFG Posting Accepted Tick Question Mark Can the insurer provide cover if you are resident outside the UK
BFG VLO/DVLA compatible Tick Question Mark If insured for BFG does your car insurance allow you to register your vehicle in the UK?
Business Use Tick Question Mark Will the insurer permit cover and provide it free of charge?
No Claims Discount acceptance Tick Question Mark Will your UK insurer accept your No Claims Discount if earned overseas?
Driving Experience Discount Tick Question Mark Will your insurer accept (and enhance your current No Claims Discount) your driving experience you warrant.
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Military Breakdown Cover

24 hour Roadside Assistance

Have complete peace of mind with a breakdown rescue service that'll get you back on the road 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Armed Forces breakdown cover was designed with the needs of military service personnel, so has unique benefits such as:

  • Breakdown cover even if you're not the one driving at the time
  • Breakdown rescue if you're having car trouble or have been in an accident
  • Cover extends to caravans or trailers that you're travelling with when you need us
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Have a question?

Take a look at some frequently asked questions about our military car insurance

+Why choose us?

Forces Insurance is not only a member of the Services and Investment Advisory panel (SIIAP) but we regularly provide technical advice on a range of issues that affect HM Armed Forces in the insurance market

+I am 21 can I get cover?

We have a specific Young Drivers scheme which helps us look after you if you are aged 21 to 25

+I've been based in Germany for a number of years. Will you accept my foreign no claims discount?

Yes, unlike most British Insurers we will accept foreign No Claims Discounts

+We have just acquired a second car. Will I have to start again with Nil No Claims Discount?

Not necessarily. Many of our insurers will allow the No Claims Discount to be earned on the first car to be re-used on the second car.

This is called a 'mirror' No Claims Discount.

+I am being deployed to Afghanistan. Can I suspend my policy?

Our 'Forces Insurance' scheme was especially designed for the Service lifestyle and allows you to remove the expensive 'Road Risks' element of the policy whilst still leaving valuable cover in force for you.

+I passed my driving test some years ago but haven't had insurance in my own name for some time. Can you help me?

Yes. We will determine the Discount we give you by assessing your 'driving experience'. Regular use of a military vehicle, acquiring a Class C licence and a history of claim and conviction fee motoring will all help to reduce your premium.

+I'm told I need Business Use to claim expenses back from JPA. Is this necessary?

Yes it is. If you use your vehicle to and from more than one place of business you need Class 1 Business Use on your motor insurance policy. Accordingly. We automatically provide it for you free of charge.

+I have picked up a few points on my licence following speeding convictions. Can you help me?

Yes. Many of our insurers recognise that with the number of cameras now deployed it is quite likely that young motorists will pick up points on their licence and have factored this in to the premiums they charge.