Following the introduction of Government legislation in April 2017, businesses with at least 250 employees are required to report on their gender pay gap. Forces Mutual is a trading name of Police Mutual and all employees are employed by PM Central Services Plc.

The new regulations have been implemented to eliminate the gender pay gap in the UK and will help employers to identify the gaps in their organisation so they can take an appropriate action to close their gender pay gap. Approximately 9,000 UK employers across the private, public and social sectors are required to produce their own reports.

You can view our Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 by downloading it here.


What is a gender pay gap?

It’s the percentage difference between average hourly earnings of men and women.


What else is included in the report?

The report provides the results of six calculations that must be published under the regulations.  Our report also provides further information to help understand the reasons for our gaps and sets out our commitments on how we plan to address our gender pay gap.

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