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Mobile and laptop calamities

Mobile and laptop calamities

Posted on 26/05/2022

Forces Mutual

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We all use our mobile phones and laptops way too much. Some people – me definitely included! – can’t see themselves being able to function without checking many times a day. So you think we would be extra careful and make sure they are not damaged. Maybe not based on recent research conducted by OnePoll.  

The study found that a third of mobile phone users have damaged or completely broken their phones in the last 12 months[1].

One fifth managed to drop their mobile into the toilet (yes I have friends who have done that!), and 20% either drove over their device or dropped it out of the vehicle window. One in ten stated that their dog bit it. The more active respondents managed to damage their phone whilst playing football with 10% of people having experienced this. Maybe that’s why Messi and Ronaldo don’t play with their phones in their pockets!

Research undertaken by Mintel[2] found that those aged 16-24 are the most accident-prone age group, with 48% smashing their screen in the last two years. 33% of this age group have sensibly taken out insurance to cover them.

No-one wants to have a badly damaged or completely broken phone. And given the price of mobile phones it is not something that you want to be funding out of your own pocket on a regular basis.

Forces Mutual Kit and Personal Possessions Insurance provides worldwide cover for service issued kit. The policy also covers personal possessions including mobile phones and laptops up to £1,500 per item. You can cover your items for more than this but you would have to specify this on your policy. Maybe based on this research this personal possession cover alongside your kit insurance may come in useful!

You can buy Kit and Personal Possessions Insurance online: or over the phone: 0151 363 5290.

Kit & Personal Possessions Insurance is provided by Ageas Insurance Limited.

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