Invest for your child's future

Take out a Child Bond and start saving now.

A Child Bond is a tax-free way of investing using your child's tax exempt savings allowance which is exclusively available to friendly societies.


Affordable Saving

Save from between £10 and £25 per month 


Guaranteed Cash Sum

Your child will receive a guaranteed minimum cash sum after either 10 years of investing, or when they are 18 or 21*

How the Child Bond works


About this bond:

  • The Child Bond is a tax exempt savings plan which invests your money for a fixed period of either 10 years or until the child is 18 or 21.
  • The product is a tax-exempt with-profits plan, which means that it grows tax-efficiently and the child’s final lump sum payout is free of tax.
  • The bond is the property of the child at all times.

A small amount of life cover for the child is automatically included.

Visit Scottish Friendly’s Child Bond page for more information on the product.


  • At Forces Mutual, we are always looking for opportunities to offer products to our customers and their families.
  • Research carried out by Compass Research Ltd. on behalf of Forces Mutual in 2019 highlighted the importance to Forces personnel of saving for their children. Regularly putting aside funds for their children’s future was one of the most important priorities for families when it came to deciding how to spend their wages.
  • The research also showed that Forces personnel look for long term savings, where parents can’t access the funds in the account.
  • We have therefore teamed with Scottish Friendly to provide a Child Bond.

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