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Thinking about kit insurance – what you need to know

Thinking about kit insurance – what you need to know

Posted on 30/06/2022

Forces Mutual

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If you are in the market for a new kit insurance policy, or thinking of changing to another provider, what do you need to think about?

  1. Take cover!
    Make sure you are properly covered. Specialist service issued kit can be expensive and you aren’t intending to keep it neatly in a cupboard, so the cover needs to be sufficient so you can use it without fearing the worst if something happens. Many kit insurance policies also cover your personal possessions and Licence to Occupy, so it is important to make sure your policy cover level will cover all these elements.
  2. Does your policy travel like you do?
    You don’t want a policy that restricts where you are covered. Worldwide policies mean you are confident the cover will extend to whatever part of the world you find yourself in next.
  3. You take your personal possessions with you so it would be handy if they were covered.
    Your mobile phone lives in your hand, and other personal tech such as your laptop, iPad, smart watch needs covering. Some kit insurance policies cover you for personal possessions items like these, but also check the cover level. If you have the latest smartphone, no use having cover for a few hundred pounds when it cost you over a grand!
  4. Credit rating help – avoid a credit check
    You may find it helpful, for different reasons, to be able to buy a policy that doesn’t require a credit check.
  5. Pay monthly without getting hammered for it
    Policies that allow you to pay monthly without charging you extra could fit better with your spending preferences and avoid you having to find a lump sum each year. Some monthly policies include an element of credit charge so take care not to pay extra when you don’t need to.
  6. Easier to switch if you are paying monthly
    If you are currently with a kit insurance provider and want to switch to another provider it can be easier if you move from paying monthly with one provider to another where you can pay monthly, rather than waiting to get a refund from an annual policy.
  7. You generally get what you pay for
    Yes you can take out the very cheapest premium you can find, but does that give you the reassurance of a policy that has the benefits outlined above?

Remember, lowest cost is not necessarily the best option. Low cost is likely not to provide the cover you need. You want to be confident that if you need to make a claim, you know you took out adequate cover rather than wishing you had!

If you are considering taking out a new kit insurance policy or considering changing your current provider, you may benefit from looking at Forces Mutual Kit and Personal Possessions Insurance. Worldwide cover of up to £40,000 for your service-issued kit and personal possessions comes as standard, including Licence to Occupy. Personal possessions are each covered for up to £1,500 – and you can cover items for more if you specify them on your policy.

You don’t need to undertake a credit check; and you can pay monthly for no extra charge. 

The price difference between many policies available in the market is only a few pounds each month – around the cost of a cup of coffee. So check out Forces Mutual Kit and Personal Possessions Insurance and get a quote: Military Kit & Personal Possessions Insurance | Forces Mutual


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