Improving Military Lives

Our aim is to improve the lives of the Armed Forces and those connected to them

The Forces Mutual Military Foundation is borne out of the commitment of Forces Mutual to the Armed Forces. Our aim is to improve the lives of military personnel, their families and the wider military community.

The Military Foundation aims to deliver real value across all divisions of the Military and the wider military family, which we interpret as civilian contractor organisations working alongside the military, military charities and other military affiliates including retired personnel.

Debt Advice

The Forces Mutual Military Foundation is working in partnership with PayPlan to offer this FREE debt advice service. A dedicated team will deliver confidential financial education and debt awareness presentations free of charge and separate from the chain of command.

Confidential debt advice tailored to you

Are money worries ruling your life? Not surprisingly this is a common concern for many people across the UK and one of the largest wellbeing challenges facing Armed Forces personnel today.

The stress of dealing with financial pressures doesn’t just affect your personal life, it can affect your work, your family life, health and relationships.

We recognise that sharing these concerns with the people closest to you isn’t always an option, which is why we’ve teamed up with PayPlan – an independent debt management company who provide free debt advice – to offer you the support you need, when you need it most.

You may not think you need help with your finances, but if you don’t know how much you owe, find yourself relying on credit cards to make ends meet, put off opening your post or simply find your fears about money all consuming – it’s time to talk to PayPlan.

When speaking to PayPlan, they will talk to you about you, your life, your debt and your aspirations. Only once they fully understand your situation will they advise you on the best course of action to take.

Be that a structured debt plan; advice on budgeting and getting the most from your money; introduce you to companies who can consolidate your debts to make your payments more affordable – whatever is right for you, PayPlan can offer you the support you need to take charge of your finances.

So face your fears today, call PayPlan on 0800 1976879 and you too can combat your debt and start to Live Again.

This is a Freephone telephone number which includes mobile phones if you are in the UK. Payplan are happy to arrange a call back if you are calling from a mobile so you will not be charged.

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Financial Education

Securing positive resolutions to financial concerns

Our dedicated team can deliver financial education presentations free of charge. We can also assist by offering one to one counselling and advice through our trusted partners. These consultations are confidential and free from the chain of command.

As a not for profit organisation, all our profits go back to our customers and we are keen to keep the sales side of Forces Mutual and the Military Foundation separate. The Forces Mutual Military Foundation is not focused on improving the business results of Forces Mutual in any way and by securing the support of the Armed Forces, we would like the Forces Mutual Military Foundation to become an integral part of your community.

Improve your Financial Health

  • Do Not Panic
    Ignoring the problem can often make it worse. Seek advice as soon as possible
  • Talk About It
    Make contact with your Creditors and let them know the situation
  • More Credit
    Do not take out another credit card or loan to pay off existing debt. This can spiral your debt out of control
  • Prioritise
    Pay the most important bills first like your mortgage or rent, utilities. You don’t want to lose your home
  • Budget
    See where you can reduce your spending. Work out how much you can realistically spend on essentials and socialising
  • Free Advice
    Debt advice should be free, ensure you are not charged for any advice. There are many charities that can help, including us!

Advice tailored to you

Worrying about your personal financial situation can lead to many problems, not only you, your attention to detail while on duty may be compromised for example, but additional stresses can also affect colleagues, friends and family. The quicker you seek advice the sooner problems can start to be rectified and an instant sense of accomplishment can boost your confidence and improve your general well-being and effectiveness at work and at home.

As a member of the Armed Forces, personnel have additional complications that can lead to financial worry. The Forces Mutual Military Foundation aims to offer you advice on financial awareness and how you can secure a positive resolution to any and all financial concerns.

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