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Tips for buying a new car

Tips for buying a new car

Posted on 31/07/2020

Forces Mutual

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With lockdown restrictions easing, more and more car dealerships are opening around the country and now could be a good time to take a look at purchasing a new car. If you are thinking about it, it’s important that you make the right choice and get the best possible deal available.

A new car represents a considerable investment, so before you part with your hard earned cash, check out our tips on buying a new car.

The best time to buy: buying at the right time can help you get a great deal. Most dealers have targets to meet and these are generally based on quarterly sales. Meaning that the end of March, June, September and December could be a good time to buy as dealers may be more willing to negotiate. The recent lockdown has also meant that many car manufacturers and dealers have lots of unsold cars on their hands.

Get a final price: some dealers display prices which do not include the additional costs associated with buying and registering a new car such as delivery and number plates. Ask the dealer for a full and final breakdown of ‘on the road’ costs for the car before committing to any purchase.

Consider optional extras carefully: when looking at optional extras for your car think carefully about whether you really need them and what difference they are making to the purchase price - especially if you are paying for your car with finance. Try to stick to added extras that could add to the resale value of your car such as parking sensors or built in sat nav.

Look at pre-registered options: to help meet their sales quotas, dealers sometimes buy new cars themselves. These cars are classed as ‘pre-registered’ and can be offered for sale with significant discounts. If you are considering this option, remember that the cars records will show the dealer as the first registered owner of the car. Choosing this option could mean that you get all the benefits of a new car at a discounted price.

Take a test drive: there is no better way to get the feel of a new car than taking it for a test drive. If you are considering different cars from different manufacturers then this can be a great way to compare them. As well as how the car drives, remember to check what the passenger space is like and if children’s car seats can easily be fitted.

Check out the warranty before signing: your new car will usually come with a warranty from the manufacturer. The period and terms of cover differ between dealers so make sure that you review this before committing to the car purchase. Some dealers offer extended warranties at additional cost, don’t be pressured into buying this until you have checked out exactly what’s covered and for how long.

Part-exchanging? Do your research: if you’re planning to part exchange your current car, go online and get an idea of your car’s value based on its age, condition and mileage. This will give you a benchmark to compare against the price offered by the dealer. You may be able to get more by selling your car privately but this can be time consuming and stressful when compared to part exchanging.

Car Insurance: car insurance can be expensive so remember to shop around for the best deal.

Ensure that you also review the benefits of the policy to ensure that it meets your personal needs – e.g. that it includes business insurance if you require it for business travel.  

Don’t forget to check the amount of voluntary and compulsory excess that apply to the policy as this is the amount you agree to pay upfront if you make a claim. It’s wise to make sure these are affordable should the worse happen.

To find out more about Forces Mutual Car Insurance and to get a quote click here or call 0151 363 5290.

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Breakdown Cover: many new vehicles come with breakdown cover included in the purchase cost for a period of time. While no one expects their new vehicle to break down, it’s worth checking that you have the right cover for your needs.

To find out more about breakdown cover offered by Forces Mutual and to get a quote call 0151 363 5290.

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Research your finance options: most dealers will offer a number of finance options which may include hire purchase loans, personal contract purchase (PCP) and lease agreements. When considering car finance be aware of any fees and charges that apply and remember to compare the rate of interest as these can vary widely.

Alternatively, arranging a personal loan from an independent provider separately from your car purchase could allow you to shop around for the most favourable terms available to you.

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