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Service Family Accommodation: The Government’s new guide

Service Family Accommodation: The Government’s new guide

Posted on 12/09/2018

Paul Hemingway

Filed under Forces Community

The Ministry of Defence have put together a comprehensive new guide to help with applying for, maintaining, living in, and moving in and out of UK service family accommodation.

Providing excellent quality accommodation for service personnel and their families has always been an important priority for the Ministry of Defence. With their Defence Infrastructure Organisation managing over 50,000 properties across the UK, this guide aims to clarify all aspects of living in SFA housing.

Moving home can be a very busy and stressful time for anyone and so any advice to make it simpler is always welcome.

Applying for SFA housing in particular comes with many specific application forms, which this guide explains simply and easily. It aims to give clarity on the housing that you are entitled to, and simplifies the application process including outlining any potential charges that may arise.

As with any home, moving into a new SFA property requires a series of detailed checks to ensure that the property meets acceptable move in standards, otherwise you may find maintenance is needed as soon as you get the keys. This guide will help you to identify the factors that you need to consider including checklists and useful content.

Living in service family accommodation raises many questions surrounding maintenance, repairs and insurance. Amey, an infrastructure and public service provider which specialises in facilities management, is responsible for the maintenance of SFA properties in the UK, and their services are free of charge therefore, it is important to be aware of how to report an issue and what you are personally responsible for during your time of occupancy.

 You can read the full details of the Service Family Accommodation guide here.

Remember, when it comes to insurance, The MOD’s guide highly recommends ‘Licence to Occupy’ Insurance. With Forces Mutual, Licence to Occupy is an element of our Kit & Contents and personal possessions product, so you can rest assured that your home is covered from the day you move in.