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Service Family Accommodation during the Covid-19 pandemic

Service Family Accommodation during the Covid-19 pandemic

Posted on 29/06/2020

Forces Mutual

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Covid-19 has disrupted life as we knew it, including things like mortgages and moving home. Questions like “what will happen to Service Family Accommodation moves since Government advice was not to move?” and “will service families be given payment holidays if a spouse lost their job due to Covid-19?” all need answers.

The Ministry of Defence has worked hard to provide answers and have updated their Service Family Accommodation (SFA) guide to include all the information you will need to help with when applying for, maintaining, living in, and moving out of UK service accommodation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The guide was originally designed to make the whole process of moving home and SFA clearer for all applicants. The guide helps to explain the many application forms SFA housing come with, making them easy and clear to understand. It also outlines the different types of housing that are available and what you are entitled to. Similarly, it highlights any potential charges that you could face so you can be fully prepared.

The guide can also help by outlining all the checks you need to carry out, how to deal with any maintenance and repair concerns, and how to work with Amey. Amey are an infrastructure and public service provider who specialise in facilities and maintenance management of SFA properties in the UK. The guide includes details on how to report issues to Amey and what exactly you are responsible for during your time of occupancy.

If you are due to move into or you currently live in SFA and still have questions about UK service accommodation during the Covid-19 pandemic you can read the Government’s full Service Family Accommodation guide here.

Don’t forget, when you move house you always need to have the right type of insurance in place. For SFA the guide strongly recommends you have Licence to Occupy Insurance. This is a specialist type of insurance that covers potential liability incurred as a result of damage to your SFA caused by you or your family. It provides cover up to the required £20,000.

Our Kit & Personal Possessions Insurance policy, provided by Ageas Insurance Limited, includes Licence to Occupy as standard. It also includes protection for your favourite gadgets, like your mobile phone or laptop with up to £1,500 per item covered as standard. As well as up to £40,000 worth of cover for your military issued and temporary kit.

Find out more about Forces Mutual Kit & Personal Possession Insurance here.