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Important update: Forces Run

Important update: Forces Run

Posted on 19/10/2018

Paul Hemingway

Filed under Forces Community

Forces Run, the interactive assault course game released in 2016 by Forces Mutual has now ‘run its course’.

The game will still work for all of our loyal Gamers but we have taken the decision to remove it from the App stores of Google and Apple. 

In addition, the HTML5 version has been removed from our website.

Whilst the App version of the game will still work, the leader board will no longer update.

The game has been very popular but in order to maintain its functionality at a time when the iOS and Android operating systems are going through change would mean a constant series of developments. 

Forces Mutual is always mindful of using monies wisely and as the game is no longer being actively promoted, we have taken the decision to stop offering the app to new players.

We hope you enjoyed playing the game.