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8 Tips to Help You Save Money

We've put together some top tips on how to help you save money

8 Tips to Help You Save Money

Posted on 16/07/2015

Tom Sunderland

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Have your cake and eat it

We've put together some top tips on how to help you save money. If you're having problems with your finances or are in debt, speak with The Military Foundation today for free debt advice separate from the chain of command.  

1. Review your spending  

Go over all of your spending to see where you can make savings. That’s not the same as stopping spending. It’s about using your money more efficiently. Make a realistic budget and don’t make cuts you know you won’t stick to.

2. Switch your energy providers

It takes a matter of minutes but could save you hundreds of pounds over the year. Unbelievably, 60% of UK houses have never switched.

3. Shop Around  

Never ever buy the first deal or offer you see. Always shop around and not just with online purchases on things like insurance and utilities. You could even compare your weekly food shop with other supermarkets.

4. Discount Discount Discount

When buying online always check to see if you can find a discount code. Nearly every time you will be able to find some sort of saving whether it is free delivery or 10% off. Websites such as Forces Discount provide links to exclusive deals for the military.

5. Use your ISA allowance 

There are not many times in life that you get offered something tax-free, and that is why saving into a cash ISA makes so much sense. Save into one and no matter whether you are a basic rate or higher rate taxpayer you don't pay income tax on the interest. The My Sovereign Investment ISA is available exclusively to the military.

6. Cancel your direct debits

Many spend £100s a month on subscriptions they don’t need or use. Have you taken out a free trial? Set a reminder in your calendar to cancel.

7. Re-mortgage

Mortgage savings can be massive, and they’re much easier to achieve than you might think. Book an appointment with a Forces Mutual Mortgage advisor today to speak about re-mortgaging your property.

8. Have your cake and eat it (as long as it’s on your shopping list)

Saving money on Food is a real possibility. You must start by making a shopping list before you head to the supermarket and then sticking to it when you are there. If you are spending lots of money on fast food and takeaways, use websites such as just eat to make savings. 

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