Terms and Conditions for FORCES Mutual KIT AND PERSONAL POSSESSIONS Insurance GREAT prize draw

  1. The “Promoter” is PMGI Limited, trading as Forces Mutual, a company incorporated in England and Wales (registered number 1073408) and having its registered office at 55 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0RL.
  2. By entering this prize draw (the “draw”) participants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and any other requirement set out in the material relating to this promotion.
  3. This draw is only open to residents of the United Kingdom (“UK”) who meet the Eligibility Criteria (“Eligibility Criteria”) (as per paragraph 4).
  4. Participants who are residents of the UK must meet all of the following conditions:
  • The participant must have purchased an Eligible Insurance Policy (“Eligible Insurance Policy”). For the avoidance of doubt, this prize draw expressly excludes circumstances where the Promoter has provided or made available at any time an Eligible Insurance Policy to anyone free of charge (normally for a year) – those individuals are not eligible to enter this prize draw.
  • The participant must be a resident of the UK at the time of entry into the draw.
  • The participant must be eligible for Forces Mutual products. For more information on eligibility see https://www.forcesmutual.org/about/#eligible.
  • The participant must provide to Forces Mutual a valid email address to receive communication from Forces Mutual.
  1. An Eligible Insurance Policy means a Kit and Personal Possessions insurance policy purchased during the Entry Window by a participant that meets the policy’s Terms and Conditions and Eligibility Criteria, including the minimum age requirements for the policy purchased. The following exclusions apply: (a) existing Kit and Personal Possessions policies are not included in the promotion and therefore won’t be eligible for the draw; and (b) any new policies covering the same person or house from a policy cancelled in the last three (3) months are excluded. Further, the Eligible Insurance Policy must be valid and in force at both the point of entry and when the Prize is awarded. The participant must be up to date with the payment of any premiums in respect of the Eligible Insurance Policy when the Prize is awarded. The participant must pay by Direct Debit and be up to date with the payment of any premiums in respect of the Eligible Insurance Policy when the Prize is awarded.
  2. Participants must not be an employee or contractor of the Promoter or any subsidiary of the Promoter or be in any other way connected with this draw (including relatives of any such person).
  3. Participants are automatically entered into the draw by purchasing an Eligible Insurance Policy during the Entry Window. One entry per person per Eligible Insurance Policy. Automated entries, bulk entries or third-party entries will be disqualified. Participants that purchase an Eligible Insurance Policy and subsequently wish to opt-out can do so in accordance with paragraph 8.
  4. Opt-out: Any participant that has purchased an Eligible Insurance Policy can opt-out of the draw by emailing marketing@pmas.co.uk within the Entry Window with their full name and email address requesting to be excluded from the draw.
  5. The draw shall open to new entries at 12:01AM on 1st August 2022 and shall close to new entries at 11:59PM on 31st October 2022 (the “Entry Window”).
  6. The prize draw fulfilment will be administered on our behalf by The Marketing Lounge Partnership, who will deliver the Prize to the winner of the prize draw. The Promoter will be required to share some data, such as your name and email address, with The Marketing Lounge Partnership to enable them to fulfil the incentive.
  7. There shall be one (1) winner of the draw (the “winner”), receiving a prize of a Samsung Galaxy S22 256GB 5G Phantom – Black mobile phone (the “Prize”). A mobile phone call/data plan or contract is NOT provided as part of the prize – the prize is for the device only. The Prize will be subject to such Terms and Conditions as may be imposed by the Promoter. The Promoter shall not be responsible or liable for any costs beyond the value of the Prize.
  8. The draw will take place on 7th December 2022.
  9. The first name drawn at random from the entries received shall be the winner of the Prize. The draw will take place under the supervision of an independent observer. The full name of the independent person can be provided upon written request.
  10. In the event of unforeseen circumstances making the administration of the draw impossible or impractical, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel the draw. In the event of such cancellation participants shall be notified within 7 days of cancellation by notice being posted on the Forces Mutual website Kit and Personal Possessions insurance page. The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever as a result of cancellation of the draw.
  11. The Promoter reserves the right to vary the Prize without prior notice to an alternative prize of equal or greater value.
  12. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse to award the Prize to anyone in breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  13. The winners will be notified by email no later than ten (10) days after the draw has taken place. The winners must comply with the instructions of the Promoter following notification by the Promoter that they have been successful within fourteen (14) days. If a winner has not done so within this timeframe, the Promoter reserves the right to draw an alternative winner and deem that winner as having forfeited the Prize. The winner will be asked to provide verification details and further information in order to deliver the Prize, including but not limited to their UK bank account details and address. The Promoter will deliver the Prize within 16 days of the Promoter having received all necessary information. Prizes will only be sent to participants with a valid UK address and bank account.
  14. The Promoter must either publish or make available information that indicates that a valid award took place. To comply with this obligation the Promoter will send the surname and county of the prize winner and, if applicable a copy of their winning entry to anyone who writes to marketing@pmas.co.uk within 1 month of the date that the draw took place.
  15. If a winner objects to any or all of their surname, county and winning entry being published or made available, the winner should contact the Promoter at marketing@pmas.co.uk. In such circumstances, the Promoter must still provide the information and winning entry to the Advertising Standards Authority on request.
  16. Participants agree that the Promoter may rely on such details as are provided by participants when entering the draw. The Promoter accepts no liability or responsibility for loss of any kind arising out of or in connection with the submission of incorrect personal details by participants of the draw.
  17. Should a court or equivalent authority deem clause 20 to be unenforceable in whole or in part, the aggregate liability of the Promoter shall under no circumstances exceed the cash value of the Prize.
  18. The Promoter may use personal details submitted by participants when entering the draw for the purposes of administering the draw. Participants’ personal data shall be treated in confidence and processed solely in accordance with UK data protection legislation. Participants’ personal data shall only be disclosed to those third parties who require it for the purposes of this prize draw and will not be disclosed to any other third party without the explicit consent of the participants concerned. The Promoter may disclose personal or other data relating to participants of the draw where permitted or required by law or statute, court or equivalent authority of competent jurisdiction or regulation or where the participant or participants concerned have consented. Find out more at: https://www.forcesmutual.org/about/privacy-policy/   
  19. A copy of these Terms and Conditions may be found at https://www.forcesmutual.org/prizedraw/                      
  20. These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  21. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury, or disappointment incurred or suffered by a participant as a result of entering this Promotion.