Holiday Types

Where will your next trip take you?

Read our selection of different holiday types to help find you the perfect getaway

We understand that military life is a busy one and sometimes you really do need to take some time out. Going on holiday is easy, but finding the right one? Not so much. So, to help you, we've rounded up 10 holiday types to make choosing the perfect trip that little bit easier!

Some like it hot

1. Island dreaming

White, powder-soft sand? Sparkling azure waters? Palm trees lining the beachfront? If you've answered yes to the above, then an exotic getaway is what you're looking for. Long-haul flights? Not an issue for you, you're used to travelling around! Plus - you get to squeeze in a couple of movies or even some downtime with your favourite book, so bring it on! You're not fussed about how long it takes to get there because a tropical destination awaits and a much-needed break away from the demanding military lifestyle is definitely well-deserved!

If you're dreaming of an exotic island far, far away, then the Caribbean might be a great go-to. Consisting of over 7,000 islands, islets, caves and reefs, you can rest-assured that you won't fall short of places to visit! From the beautiful Dominica, abundant in rivers and waterfalls, to Jamaica - the birthplace of reggae music and jerk - where an eclectic island full of reef-lined coasts and pristine white beaches awaits, the Caribbean is the perfect blend of natural beauty, chill, and a place where you can completely zone out.

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2. Relax, and just... breathe

Let's face it, life is tough at the best of times, and working in the Armed Forces is super demanding, so, if your idea of the perfect getaway is luxuriating in pure relaxation, with massages, steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis and fine-dining on the menu, then a relaxing spa break is a great choice. You needn't travel to the other side of the world to experience a little taste of luxury, either, as plenty of hotels across the UK offer great package deals for weekend spa breaks, so why not treat yourself to a little 'you' time? After all, everyone deserves that little bit of luxury now and again!

Whether you're after a romantic spa weekend break with a loved one, or just some time away with fellow comrades and friends to relax, chill-out and get away from it all, visit and they will find your perfect spa break, tailoring every last detail to your needs.

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The great outdoors

3. Super-natural

You're used to being outside, so you're not fazed by long walks and sleeping outside in the cold when being outdoors is your day job. Think a long weekend walking through forests, observing nature and fishing before retiring for the evening around a warm fire eating freshly caught fish by the nearby lake - if this sounds like your idea of a fun weekend, then grab your stove, tent, sleeping bag and the rest of your camping gear and set off into the wild for some outdoorsy fun!

Camping is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. There are plenty of spots around the UK where you can pitch up, and if you like the idea of trail walks, conservation sites, nature, lakes and heading into the wild, but not the sleeping outside part, then there are plenty of locations where you can get the best of both worlds. Head to the Lake District and explore all it has to offer; from boat rides along its stunning lakes to beautiful valleys, woodlands and fells, there's plenty of natural beauty to relish in.

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4. Adventure-seeking daredevil

As a member of the military, being fearless may well come naturally to you. So, if you're addicted to the adrenalin rush you get from your day job, an adventure-fuelled trip could be for you. Is looking down through the mist and clouds from a mountain's peak your kind of rush? Or perhaps you seek the feeling of excitement as you're about to set off down the glossy, snowy slopes? If it's the exhilarating feeling that you're seeking - leaping from jagged cliff edges or skydiving from a plane - you don't care as long as it gets your heart racing!

For adventurous ski lovers, there's no place like the glistening Swiss slopes. While it's a little more costly to go to Verbier, Switzerland, it does have an impressive vertical drop of almost 2,000m off-piste from Mont-Fort Glacier... And the Vallees ski area is the largest lift-linked ski vicinity in Switzerland... If that wasn't enough to tempt you, it is also known as one of the stellar off-piste resorts in the world, teeming with ski schools, mountain restaurants, superior chalets and awesome nightlife...

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City life

5. Head for the city

For those who don't want to travel too far, and enjoy sightseeing, food and shopping, jump on the Eurostar or hop on a quick flight to one of the many cities in Europe. Take your pick - Prague, Rome, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Dubrovnik... and the list goes on!

For shopping, sightseeing, great food, lively nightlife and more - try Amsterdam. A bustling hub for locals and tourists alike, there is lots to see and do. Take a daytime stroll along one of the many picturesque canals before hitting the shops down Amsterdam's famous street, P.C Hoofstraat. Whatever piques your interest, you're sure to find it here. For sightseeing, visit the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) - a historical cornerstone in Amsterdam, the neo-gothic church functions as an exhibition space and museum when it's not being used for Royal Dutch weddings. For those who enjoy mooching around museums, the Museumplein - 'Museum Quarter' - is worth a visit. Here you can walk around three museums, enjoy lunchtime concerts in the Concertgebouw and shopping - and all in a luscious green grassy space. If you're an art lover, be sure to visit the Van Gogh museum - it's home to the largest Van Gogh collection in the world!

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6. Staycation

Travelling is a huge part of your job, and though you're in need of a break, not wanting to travel far is understandable and possibly a difficult one to combat. But - fear not - you don't have to travel far afield to enjoy a break away from it all. The UK offers some excellent hidden gems - some where you wouldn't even know you were still on UK soil! Head south to Cornwall and check out the hidden coves and beautiful beaches. Or if you fancy a taste of history, head north for Scotland - there are plenty of castles to visit, moors to trek and city tours to go on to learn about Scotland's heritage. For those who enjoy shopping, eating and sightseeing, head to the capital to enjoy all that London has to offer. Shop 'till you drop down London's iconic Oxford Street, or take a stroll along the Southbank and hop on the London Eye for stunning views of the city. If you enjoy the arts, head to the Tate Modern before going to the theatre to enjoy a show on the West End.

For the ultimate 'staycation', why not head to Edinburgh? You're just far enough away from home to feel like you're abroad, and being so rich in history and beauty, Edinburgh may remind you of places you've been to before in the UK - but it's just that little bit more unique, making you feel like you're further away than you actually are! It's super-easy to get around (no tubes up here!), so go on foot, bike or tram, or use the bus and railway network to travel around. From the iconic Edinburgh Castle to the quaint little streets lined with colourful buildings and quirky boutiques - and, of course, not forgetting the surrounding rural areas of Edinburgh which are breath-taking to say the least - you won't be stuck for things to do and see in this wondrous capital.

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Beyond the beach

7. Culture club

As much as we love relaxing by the sea and taking some time away from it all - especially when you're military personnel in an extremely demanding and hectic role - not everyone wants to head for the beach. Therefore experiencing a variety of different experiences may well be more your thing. If your preference is to take a wander beyond the beach and truly experience the culture of a town or city you're visiting - be it indulging in local cuisine, getting involved with cultural events, chatting with locals, or going on a tour to find out more about the history and way of life, then a cultural trip is for you. So hold fire on that swimwear and those inflatables, grab a map and a camera, and really immerse yourself in a wondrous town or city, taking everything in and fully experiencing all that it has to offer.

Home to the Amazon River and Rainforest, samba music and dance, Brazil is a vibrant South American country with deeply rooted African influences - full to the brim and bursting at the seams with things to do and see. Rich in culture and proudly holding a record for its wildlife numbers and diversity, you won't be let down with what's on offer here. Whether it's natural wonders such as the Iguacu Falls, the tantalising taste of Brazilian fare, or the famous, colourful, widely-celebrated Carnival experience you're after, you will find it here! A glorious mix of diversity is imprinted in Brazil's culture, with Brazilian items, celebrations and traditions such as the Bossa nova (a genre of Brazilian music) and the Capoeira (an Afro-American martial art), making it a real cultural treasure trove.

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8. Around the world

Enough clothes to see you through a week - check. Backpack - check. Passport - check. And a way you go! You enjoy walking long stretches of land, no matter the terrain or weather - after all, you're used to it being a member of the Armed Forces. Whilst you're outdoorsy at heart, you won't say no to a little downtime somewhere warm where the sun shines bright, the waters are clear and the beach stretches for miles. Rocky caves with secret beaches and glittering waterfalls are also part of the mix. If you're not fazed by cramped hostels and b&bs, then a backpacking trip is ideal - it's the perfect way to experience a little bit of everything.

To get the most out of a back-packing trip, head for Australia and New Zealand. With Australia's chilled, laid-back-cool culture, miles of stunning coastline, rugged mountains and tropical forests, the sites to see here are definitely not short of incredible. Next stop: New Zealand. Consisting of the North and South Islands, and both vastly different, it's a definite go-to. With a warmer climate, the North Island boasts some stunning beaches and is home to cosmopolitan cities Auckland and Wellington. Rich in Maori culture, too, the North Island is ideal for those wanting a cultural taste. Snow-capped mountains and vast picturesque landscapes make up the South Island - its dramatic scenery makes walking one of the country's top activities. There are four major tracks: the Milford, Kepler, Routeburn and Hollyford. Here you can trek through forested valleys abundant in beautiful birdlife, shimmering waterfalls, turquoise rivers and deep-green lakes, and all with a spectacular mountainous backdrop!

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Family time

9. For all the family

Spending time with your loved ones is always special, but when you're working away or are called up on duty, spending time with your loved ones becomes all the more meaningful. And what better way to spend it than on a lovely family holiday? You just can't beat it! UK breaks to holiday parks such as Haven, Hoseasons and Butlins are ideal for families with young children. With plenty of activities on offer during the day and night time entertainment, too - from discos and bingo to shows and comedy acts - there's plenty to enjoy for all the family. But if it's all about the kids and you're fancying an excursion a little further away from home, Disneyland Paris is ideal - and you don't have to be a child or a huge Disney fanatic to holiday here! There is plenty to do and see, making it an enjoyable experience for the kiddies and adults alike.

Make your children's dreams come true with a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris. A resort as big as the imagination in a land where dreams really do come true, an unforgettable visit is guaranteed. The magic begins in the Disney Village where your favourite Disney characters are brought to life - here, entertainment doesn't have a closing time! It's a holiday destination for all the family to enjoy.

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10. Sun, sea and sand

Sometimes we just need some time out, and everyone can appreciate that - but you needn't go far for that little touch of paradise. If you're looking to holiday in a location that's not too far with a warmer climate and sandy beaches, there are plenty of affordable package holidays that offer a little bit of what we love - ahem - sun, sea and sand. Whether you're seeking the perfect romantic getaway or an all-inclusive trip for all the family, European destinations such as Spain, Greece, the Greek Islands, the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands to name a few, make for wonderful holidays.

For a little taste of paradise at the fraction of the price, head to Rhodes in Greece. Sandy beaches stretching for miles and crystal-clear waters await - all of which make for the perfect relaxing beach holiday. For the kids, be sure to go to Faliraki's Waterpark - the largest in Greece - with its artificial waves, numerous pools and original fun games for all the family, it's a must-visit. With a long list of outdoor fun, mouth-watering Greek cuisine and lively nightlife, this holiday destination caters for all the family. So forget the day job and enjoy!

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