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Motorcycle Insurance for HM Armed Forces

UK or BFG? We have the right solution for you


Designed for the Armed Forces

To meet the unique requirements of the Armed forces on and off base


Competitive Prices

Unlike price comparison websites we don’t just focus on the first year price


High Service standards

Combined with a fast effective customer service

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-What's covered

  • Full cover on and off base
  • Laid up cover
  • Business use addition so expenses can be recovered from JPA
  • Highest levels of customer service
  • Continuous BFG/UK cover
  • Compatible with BFG VLO/DVLA requirements
  • 24/7 claims assistance


  • Legal Expenses Cover

  • Breakdown Cover

    Choose to have peace of mind with our 24/7 pan-European rescue service
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+What's not covered

  • We are not on comparison websites

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Take a look at some frequently asked questions about our motorbike insurance

+I am posted to BFG. Will you cover me in Germany?

Yes. Our 'Forces Insurance' motorcycle scheme is truly pan-European and is compatible with both the BFG vehicle licensing office and the DVLA

+I understand that Comprehensive cover is rarely offered in Germany because it is so expensive. Is this true?

Yes. German Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is much more expensive that the UK's price. However, the 'Forces Insurance' scheme pricing is based on the UK and so should be very similar to what you would expect to pay in the UK.

+I don't use my bike during the winter, Can I suspend my policy?

No. Unlike a deployment when it is appropriate to suspend your policy, the 'fair weather' use of a bike is anticipated by the insurers and this is reflected in the premium they charge.

+I passed my driving test some years ago but haven't had insurance in my own name for some time. Can you help me?

Yes. We will determine the Discount we give you by assessing your 'driving experience'. Regular use of a military vehicle, acquiring a Class C licence and a history of claim and conviction fee motoring will all help to reduce your premium.

+I'm told I need Business Use to claim expenses back from JPA. Is this necessary?

Yes it is. If you use your vehicle to and from more than one place of business you need Class 1 Business Use on your motor insurance policy. Accordingly. we automatically provide it for you free of charge.

+I have picked up a few points on my licence following speeding convictions. Can you help me?

Yes. Many of our insurers recognise that with the number of cameras now deployed it is quite likely that young motorists will pick up points on their licence and have factored this in to the premiums they charge.